The CAL Education in Information and Communications Technology, or CAL-EdICT, is a complete courseware for educational institutions from pre-school, primary, secondary and up to the tertiary levels. It was created to help equip students from public and private schools with job-enabling skills during the early stages of their education. Through these skills they will be readily employable after graduating from High School.

  • Awakening ICT Series

    Recommended for Nursery to Grade 2
    The awakening ICT Series for Early Childhood Education offers young learners a play and learn environment. Computer exercises integrated with Math, Science, and English are used to develop mousing and keyboarding skills of learner to reinforce traditional learning.

  • Exploring ICT Series

    Recommended for Grade 3 to Grade 8
    The Exploring ICT Series provides ICT Literacy skills for Elementary and Secondary School learners via spiral approach. This will give them initial ICT skills in delivering their traditional acaemic tasks digitally. Thereafter, they will work towards obtaining job-enabling skills required in the digital workplace.

  • Experiencing ICT Series

    Recommended for Grade 7 to Grade 10
    Experiencing ICT for Secondary Education is a selection of specialized ICT skills training programs using a spiral approach. Designed for the young leraners in Junior High School.

  • Empowering ICT Series

    Recommended for Grade 11 & 12
    The aim of the Empowering ICT Series is to provide graduates of the program with confidence in using their acquired job-enabling ICT skills in the workplace in case they intendto work right after Secondary School. It also gives the learner an edge using their specialized digital skills in post-secondary education.