Computer Assisted Learning


Computer Assisted Learning’s evolution as an organization is proof of its commitment to responding to the dynamic changes in ICT, and to revolutionizing education.

Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) was founded in Singapore in 1986. Until the base of operations was moved to the Philippines in 1996, CAL had established a network of IT learning centers that operated in over 10 countries.

The CAL Learning Center was the very first of its kind in the country to offer international IT curricula and certification for both young learners and professionals. Managed by a team of IT experts and educators, the center pioneered the use of licensed software and ISO-certified operational systems.

As technology became more accessible to many and computer proficiency became a standard, CAL saw the need to integrate its IT curriculum where it matters the most: basic education. Instead of learners coming to its Center for IT skills training, CAL brought the learning to the students through the schools. Since then, CAL’s ICT curricula have been used every year by over 85,000 students from more than 300 of our partner schools nationwide.

The advent of the K-12 system this 2016 is a milestone for which CAL is very well prepared. Designed using the spiral approach, CAL’s complete ICT courseware is ready for implementation from Kindergarten to Senior High School.

For over 18 years, CAL has been the greatest supporter and partner of education. As a premier provider of ICT courseware and technology services across the country, CAL is always ready to respond to the changing times and is always dedicated to revolutionizing education.


We uplift the education system through the use of ICT. We provide quality, world-class, and job-enabling knowledge and skills in ICT. We bridge the skills and knowledge gaps globally and locally, making a difference in societal development. We continue innovating our products and services for progressive enhancement of the education system and ICT.


To be the Mode, Authority and Prime mover in the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Education System globally.